Sounds Crafty: Hera


In the last 15 minutes of New Zealand Music Month 2009, one more Sounds Crafty showcase! Christchurch-based singer/songwriter Hera has been living, writing and performing in New Zealand for 12 years whilst carving out a very successful career in her native country of Iceland. Named Best Female Artist at the 2003 Icelandic Music Awards, a category dominated for the previous 10 years by global superstar Bjork, Hera has creative talents beyond her music, and shared some of her crafty thoughts and Felt favourites with us… Read the full story here.

Sounds Crafty is a special series of craft showcases picked by Kiwi musicians, bands and DJs. Throughout the duration of New Zealand Music Month, Felt has featured the crafty stylings of Minuit’s Ruth Carr, The Twitch’s Fleur Jack, singer/songwriters Nathan King, Flip Grater, Hannah Curwood and Hera, and Richie Singleton and Conrad Wedde of The Phoenix Foundation. I’d like to thank all of these people for taking the time to visit Felt and support our local craft talent!

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