Capturing colour: a stunning synthesis of natural and manmade materials

Designer, music producer and DJ Nigel Greene takes inspiration for his eye-catching Greeen Customs jewellery creations from his engineering and music backgrounds, as well as the natural and manmade materials he uses. In his workshop in Christchurch he seamlessly blends native and exotic timbers, and resins in a stunning mix of colours, to create wearable art rings that are truly unique.

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What do you make?
Hand turned rings from custom castings and other creative supplies.

How did you get into your craft?
I was inspired to start a new business where I could harness my creativity and skills.

Do you have formal training or qualifications in your craft?
Living a life of art and music, accompanied by a five year history of plastics and rubber engineering.

Your favourite materials, tools and processes?
I love working with resins, exotic and native woods, hybrid acrylic blanks and delving into anything interesting I can get my hands on!

I custom cast my own resin blanks, creating personalised colourways and can use or add other materials, then process using drills, saws, gluing, sanding and a lathe to create customised wearable art rings.

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Tell us about some of the techniques involved in producing one of your rings:
As part of the custom casting process I create multiple shades of as many colours as are desired and combine them with precision timing, which allows me to get amazing results.

What inspires you?
Life, colour, music, art, nature, and everyone awesome around me!

Describe your creative process:
I get inspired, create colour, search for and combine materials to produce my rings.

Describe your workspace:
I work from an early stage, at home workshop that is slowly shaping into what I need. It’s a great space and has a good sound system. (Very important! :-) – Ed.)

Five words that describe your mind:
Creative, seeking, detailed, intuitive, introverted.

Your favourite feedback from a customer:
“So happy to have found you and this amazing piece of jewelry.” (From a yoga teacher in New York.)

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What are you currently listening to?
Heaps of drum & bass/electronic music whilst performing/producing my own.

Recommend an album: Maduk – Never Give Up.

What would your advice be for those starting out in a crafty business?
Create something unique to yourself and constantly push forward no matter what anybody says! Stick at it and be different!

What was the last handmade item you bought and what attracted you to it?
It was a beaut handmade glass pendant. It features a dragon hand holding onto a sphere containing an awesome opal! I purchased it from the Illusion Glass Gallery in the heart of Denver, USA in 2015. I was fully drawn to the colour (Slime Green) and the crazy attention to detail – it really is a work of art!

What’s in store for the rest of 2017?
Fulfilling a lot of custom ring orders locally and from around the world. Taking the time to explore new materials and techniques as well as building an extensive backlog of designs and custom options whilst preparing myself to hit the market places come spring time!

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Nigel has very generously offered a prize for one lucky Felt reader of a $100 gift voucher to be redeemed in his Felt shop. Awesome, thank you Nigel!

To be in to win this great prize, simply leave a comment telling us what you like about Nigel’s story and his Greeen Customs creations. The voucher draw will be made on Friday 5 May and is open to New Zealand residents only.


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10 Responses to “Capturing colour: a stunning synthesis of natural and manmade materials”

  1. Rosaria says:

    Loving these rings! So unique and creative. Especially love the use of UV and all the coloured natural woods

  2. Tamara says:

    I love the fact that these are made locally- I often look at them with envy at the little river store!

  3. Genie says:

    Love the amazing colours , so vibrant and flowing !! Trippy and beautiful. Awesome DJ too !! :p

  4. Izzy Cresswell says:

    Absolutely love the brilliant colours and mix of materials. Never seen anything like these before. Proud they’re Kiwi made. Totally reflect your musical tastes!!

  5. Mel Inglis says:

    These rings are so vibrant and a huge splash of xolour. I love that he is inspired by nature and music and life :) keep doing what you do

  6. han says:

    i like the unique blend of colours and creative techniques

  7. Debbie says:

    Beautiful beautiful work love the colours and the combination of wood with the resin

  8. Olivia says:

    I love the mixture of mediums. They’re organic and industrial all at the same time.

  9. Andria says:

    What wonderful, vibrant colours and shapes!

  10. Heidi says:

    Such fantastically striking rings! What I love the most is how much they remind me of the vibrant colours of the natural world – it was something that struck me instantly. The almost violent red and black of lava, that depth of greenstone, the flicker of a flame, light shining through the canopy. Both wood and shells bleached white under the sun – they almost seem alive. I know I’m rambling here, but I’m finding it difficult to capture how they feel like ‘nature with an edge’.

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