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This week: Fauna, fish, and unique and original accessories for you and your home. Wednesday morning tea is time to to browse what’s fresh on Felt!

designer decor, art and homewares

boahndesign – characterful animal cushions and accessories
nodandren – opulent cushions with 3D decoration
waterprints – striking prints of original watercolours
snapcreation – gorgeous photographic prints and tiles
shireegalvin – appealing pebble-design artworks

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

jackisprat – colourful soft toy and windsock fish
lionajane – sweet textile wall banners
chattermouse – snuggly crochet accessories for kids

nodandren blog

jackisprat blog

clothing, jewellery, accessories and skincare

thunderboxnz – unique accessories with a steampunk theme
artifartinz – intricate beaded bracelets and stylish earrings

gifts and goodies

omart – custom portraits of people using bold colours and contrasts in oils

waterprints blog


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