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This week: Gorgeous jewellery for kids and grown ups, stunning photography, lovely homewares, schnoz butter(!) and more…

designer decor, art and homewares

kaiwairuaart – striking and appealing New Zealand photography

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

myearthcub – sweet environmentally friendly jewellery for youngsters
redeemed – gorgeous garlands and characterful softie creatures
krewcastle – awesome snail mail subscription stories for kids
toysnmyheart – characterful knitted toys
pikki – kid-friendly moulded sidewalk chalks and concrete pendants

myearthcub blog

redeemed blog

clothing, jewellery, accessories and skincare

empath – stunning sculpted spiritual jewellery
dennah – clever and creative silver jewellery inspired by life, language, and humour
justnatural – sweet skincare products, featuring the fabulous schnoz butter for the furry whanau

gifts and goodies

ecofoodwraps – reusable food wraps made from 100% cotton and locally sourced bees wax

ecofoodwraps blog



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