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Gorgeous new textile work takes the centre stage this week, along with beautiful jewellery, accessories and gifts. Make yourself a hot cuppa (boy, do we need it right now!) and check out what’s Fresh on Felt.

designer decor, art and homewares

akko – funky crochet eco dishwashing sponges – use less detergent!
boa – versatile and practical crocheted storage baskets using recycled fabric
lottie-lu – striking hand cut paper art incorporating New Zealand stamps
aboverubies – beautiful woollen place mats and home-saved seeds

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

byrini – gorgeous textile goods, including clothes and fabric books for wee ones
lilycrop – beautifully detailed and characterful dolls
byrez – practical reusable produce bags and cosy woolly hats for wee ones

boa blog

akko blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

bindyjd – practical and stylish bags and accessories
nobuek – delicate and appealing silver jewellery
lilypiebags – stylish bags and accessories featuring bold prints and patterns

gifts and goodies

lindyloucd – sparkling crystal gifts and charms
hinemoadltd – unique and eye-catching screen printing on paper and textiles

byrez blog

lilycrop blog


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