Sounds Crafty: Nathan King


Nathan King first hit the headlines as the lead singer of Christchurch pop/rock band Zed whose first album “Silencer” debuted at number one on the New Zealand charts. Now pursuing a solo career, Nathan put down his guitar pick long enough to make some crafty picks on Felt. Check out Nathan’s favourites on Felt here.

Sounds Crafty is a special series of craft showcases picked by Kiwi musicians, bands and DJs. Featuring Minuit’s Ruth Carr, Wammo, host of WammoRadio on KiwiFM, singer/songwriter Flip Grater and 9 more talented Kiwis, Sounds Crafty brings rhythm and craft together and finds out what NZ musos make of it all.

Which Kiwi singer thinks their music might look like macaroni? Who knits sweaters for their cat? These intriguing questions and many more will be answered on Felt throughout New Zealand Music Month, so stay tuned!

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