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Imaginative upcycling, stylish homewares and indulgences for all ages feature this week. Relax and have a leisurely browse…

designer decor, art and homewares

lizabbottart – beautiful art inspired by the birds, bush and coastline
nimmophotogr – stunning New Zealand landscape photography
woodulike – quality gift and kitchenware items using beautiful timbers
glassact – stylish recycled wine bottle serving dishes and clocks
tat-upcycle – upcycling with a kaupapa of valuing waste, planet and community

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

forchildren – appealing and educational illustrated wall designs for wee ones
knit1purl1 – cute and colourful wee socks for your baby
lizzys – gorgeous retro style miniature wooden caravans

woodulike blog

madebymane blog

forchildren blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

madebymane – gorgeous harakeke kete and homewares
augie – snuggly winter hats, perfect for these chilly days!
umi – sweet, unusual yarn creations

gifts and goodies

petidnz – personalised ID collars for smart pooches
shamansoaps – amazing soaps that look like crystal clusters
annieprince – luscious aromatherapy products from a clinical aromatherapist

annieprince blog

tat-upcycle blog


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