Sounds Crafty: Kiwi musicians get their craft on in NZ Music Month


NZ Music Month starts today, and with it I’m launching Sounds Crafty, a special series of craft showcases picked by Kiwi musicians, bands and DJs. Featuring Minuit’s Ruth Carr, former Zed frontman Nathan King, Wammo, host of WammoRadio on KiwiFM, singer/songwriter Hera and 8 more talented Kiwis, Sounds Crafty brings rhythm and craft together and finds out what NZ musos make of it all.

Which Kiwi singer made punk rock clothing for her barbies as a child? Who cherishes their Makita drill and makes their own furniture? Who knits sweaters for their cat? These intriguing questions and many more with be answered on Felt in May, so tune in!

First up, revealing her crafty inclinations today on Felt, is Ruth Carr, the voice of Minuit:

Have you ever worn something you’ve made on stage or in public?
Yeah, I wear lots of rings and brooches I make.

If your music took physical shape what would it look like? What would it be made of?
A confused ball of many kinds of wool.

Do you think people should make more stuff (…instead of buying it)?
It’s cool when people feel confident to try making things for themselves, and the sense of achievement you have is great.

Why would you buy something handmade?
It’s amazing the cool stuff that people think of and make, and it is nice to get something unique and original for people you like.

Find out what makes Ruth tick and check out her favourites on Felt – read the whole story here.

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