For the kids: handmade gifts to treasure on Felt

There’s nothing quite like handmade gifts for the little people in your life – they have heart and soul that mass produced toys just can’t compete with. Check out the cute and colourful creations for children we’ve gathered together in our Christmas Gift Guide and Catalogue.



Lead image Vintage blanket bears by Zippitydoodah | 1. Chunky chalkboard blocks by Peterson Woodcraft | 2. Heirloom cloth Susie doll by Claire Leblonde Design | 3. Felt egg and toast set by Two Magpies | 4. Wooden toy lawnmower/walker by Needle and nail | 5. Giraffe softie by Re:created | 6. Wooden play castle by Woodbotherer | End image (below) Hand carved traditional rocking horse by Woodcarver


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