Felt gives you butterflies!

1 Butterfly – Original Drawing by Cloud Nine Creative | 2 Butterfly Circle Brooch
by Boocraft Designs
| 3 Orange Wool Monarch Butterfly Cushion by S4sh4 | 4 Brass
Chain Necklace by Cegi Designs
| 5 Butterfly Swan Swimsuit by Swanwear | 6 Butterfly
Pendant by Lee By The Sea
| 7 Papillon by Bibliographica | 8 Baby Carrier by Furchin
9 Letterpress Birthday Invitations by Tumbleweed Press


3 Responses to “Felt gives you butterflies!”

  1. retrofemme says:

    A pretty collection – I especially like ‘Papillon” by Bibiliographica and “Butterfly Wwan Swimsuit” by Swanwear.

  2. retrofemme says:

    Apologies… ( Butterfly Swan Swimsuit)

  3. Louise says:

    Wonderful! I love butterflies! Thanks for including my print. :)

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