Funding Felt: Why to invest, according to Marcel

Marcel, Felt's Chief Technology Wrangler

The technical side of Felt is developed and maintained by Marcel Weber, a software developer who stepped up as Felt’s chief technical officer in 2008. Marcel’s craft is code – he endeavours to make Felt as elegant and well-crafted as the products it represents. His ultimate superpower is evading tricky questions, but he is also epic at software and web development, HTML, CSS, and software architecture. The curator of an extensive board game collection, Marcel has a keen sense of strategy and should never be trusted in a game of Werewolf.

When did you join Felt?

I started working part time on Felt around March 2008 and since then it’s grown to take up 50% of my time.

Why did you join Felt?

I thought Felt had great potential as an online marketplace and I was keen to learn more about building large scale websites. It’s been great to see Felt grow from a small group of sellers to where it is today.

How will this investment help?

This investment will mean we can much more quickly modernise Felt’s website and improve usability across mobile devices, making it a great experience for everyone. Not only that, spending on advertising and promotion for Felt will bring in a wider range of customers and great new products too!

It’s part of our dream that the people investing in Felt are our community, giving you a bit of ownership in Felt’s future. Every pledge gets us closer to our target, so please invest if you can. And if you can’t invest, you can still be a vital help by spreading the word: link to our blog posts and the PledgeMe page, like our posts on Facebook, share our tweets – it only takes a moment and it’s a huge help for us. Thank you so much!

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