Funding Felt – the first 48 hours

It's much more exciting to back David than Goliath

We’re so excited to have already hit the $50k mark, which means we’re now 20% funded in the first two days of our PledgeMe campaign! Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged so far, your support means the world to us.

We’ve even had a champion pledge of $20,000 in the first two hours – if this was you, we’d love to hear more about why you love Felt. It’s been just amazing to see the pledges coming in, and such lovely comments along with them:

“I want handcrafts and craftspeople to be appreciated and have a NZ-based sales outlet. Felt is fabulous and want it to flourish and grow.” – Adele

“Felt provides amazing ‘made in NZ by real NZ makers’ and I am excited to become part of a diverse community of investors into this company!” – Tatyanna (one of our awesome advisors)

“Well done team on moving Felt to the next level of online shopping. Looking forward to watching the business flourish and support homegrown.” – Annie

We had a great launch with our nearest and dearest at Felt HQ on Wednesday night, a fitting beginning to an exciting new adventure! We wanted to share this moment with the people who have been behind the scenes, encouraging, helping, cheerleading and supporting us from the very start. Check out the photos in the latest update on our PledgeMe page »

We’ve come up with many great reasons to pledge for Felt – the photo above is the first in a series. We’d love to see your reasons too – flick us through an image to share!

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  1. Hi there! Congrats on the crowd funding
    I love the ‘back david’ sign… has it been created by someone on felt? I would love to buy a print for our shop ☺ vanessa

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