A little storage

Pouches, purses and pockets – oh my! Little purses are handy for all sorts of things, from coins and cards to medications, makeup and balms – in fact, they’ll help you organise, protect and find pretty much anything you need to have with you on the go. Why not pop your jewellery in one for travel, or fit one out with a mini survival kit for sewing repairs and other everyday hiccups?


There’s a sweet handcrafted selection of tiny totes to choose from here on Felt, in all sorts of appealing shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find some to suit your needs.



As you’ll see, we have all sorts of receptacles and reticules fit for purpose and ready to go in our bags and purses pages, so snap to it and check them out – you’ll be clasping your favourite wee find in no time.


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