Happy Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Print by Joe McMenamin

Sometimes it seems like there’s a holiday for everything these days, but here’s one that will be close to the heart of many sci-fi fans. Today, May 4, is Star Wars Day (yes, really!), an unofficial secular holiday celebrating George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise. It is observed by many fans of the movies online, as well as at conventions and celebrations around the world.

At least one of the Felt team is old enough to remember seeing the original films at the movies (not naming any names – cough Jo cough, cough) so we’ve used the Felt Force and found some fabulous handmade Star Wars tributes to mark the day.

Star Wars Kindle Sleeve by Coulter & Coulter

Dark Side Crayons (4 per packet) by Crazy Crayons

'C3PO' computer key dangly earrings by Geeky Bling

While you’re admiring these sci-fi inspired creations, take a moment to check out our brand new pop culture and geekery pages, full of goodies for fans of every flavour.

Have a great Star Wars Day and may the Force be with you. :-)

Yoda Print by Poster Guy

Star Wars Baby Booties by Donna Shaw

Stormtrooper T-shirt by Mark Catley

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