Cooler nights made warm and snuggly

Brrr! There’s been a distinct drop in overnight temperatures around here of late. In our household, this means that the extra duvet has been dragged out, the “cat-o-meter” has gone off (the cat starts trying to get under the covers at night) and hotties are being eyed-up speculatively.

Be prepared! There’s nothing worse than facing the first cold night of autumn and realising your hottie has sprung a leak, or its old worn cover hasn’t magically regrown over the summer. Check that hottie over now and make sure it has a lovely cover you’ll want to hug.

Our makers have some really gorgeous hottie covers to choose from, so take your pick and snuggle up in style in the cold months ahead…


First up we have Dean from hot water bottle specialists Real Hotties. Dean’s a handsome devil to snuggle up with of a evening, and he’s even been upcycled from a woollen jumper, so you know he’s got heart.

Or how about one of these snuggly characters from Zippitydoodah? Made from 100% wool vintage blankets, they’re sure to make the heat last.

The Adventures of Alex O & Co have some real beauties to check out too. These covers combine lasting warmth with real style – and aren’t the colours gorgeous?


There’s a lovely variety of hot hottie styles available from our talented makers, so have a browse and find your one true hottie on Felt! (You never knew we were a dating service did you?)

Remember folks: get ready, get through – sort your hottie situation now and get through winter in comfort.


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