Christchurch Creative Space

Plans are underway to establish a making space in Christchurch, where people who make stuff can hang out and work together, socialise, collaborate, exchange ideas and work on their projects in good company.

If you’re interested in this idea and based in Canterbury, this is your chance to have an influence on the outcome! Come along on Sunday, bring a project and a friend (neither is compulsory) and have a say in how it all works, while it’s still in its formative stages.

When: Turn up anytime between 2pm and 7pm on Sunday, 5 April.
Where: Canterbury Innovation Incubator (200 Armagh St, here’s a map)
What: Make, craft, build, hack, create, code, work on your own project. Pizza optional, bring $6 if you want in.
Who: You, a friend, a colleague. Anyone who might be interested. Bring along something you’re working on if you can.

Donations are welcome, they go toward tea, coffee and bandwidth. Gold coin is fine. If you just want to see what it’s like, it’s cool to just drop in for a few minutes and see what’s going on – anyone is welcome.

More information is available on the Christchurch Creative Space Google group – join the group to be kept in the loop.

Christchurch Creative Space is a working name – it still needs a good catchy name to grab people’s attention and pique their curiosity. It needs to appeal to arts, craft and technology makers and have a local flavour. Any suggestions? Post a comment below…

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  1. LoveTheEarth says:

    Shame I missed this – will try to make it to a Wednesday evening meeting. I think it is a great idea. I’m new to Christchurch so it will be a good way to meet other crafters. By the way what is a ‘hacker’? (You don’t mean computer hackers, do you?)

  2. Philip says:

    Indeed, Lucy does mean computer hackers. But maybe not in the way you are familiar with the word.

    Hacker in the sense used here means “someone who does cool stuff with technology and/or for the fun of it”.

    While the general public may be familiar with the term “hacker” meaning “bad person who does bad things with/to computers”, in technical circles that definition is generally reserved for the term “cracker”.

    To put it in context, it’s likely many of the people who created the open source software that Felt uses would self-identify as hackers. And I think you’d agree giving things like that to the world is a pretty nice thing to do.

    A significant part of the impetus for the creative space in Christchurch has come from the existence of Hackerspaces in Europe and the USA. You might want to check out which defines these as “community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects.”

    For more history than you may ever want on the term, you might be interested in reading:

    Hope to see you at one of our Creative / Hacker / Maker / Project Space gatherings soon. :-)


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