Crafty Business, 7pm Monday 6 April, Christchurch

Crafty Business

Crafty Business #3: The Price of Genius
7pm, Monday 6 April, at Churchills Public House, Sydenham, Christchurch

It’s easy to put a price on time, materials and other relevant production costs but what is the cost of your inspiration, the skills you’ve developed, your creative talent and your knowledge? Combine this with the fear of overcharging or undercharging your customers you have one big headache. If only there was a simple way to price your handmade goods! It’s not an exact science and no one formula works for everyone but we’ll share with you some pricing ideas that will have you running straight home to your Casio FX100.

Lenore Farrelly (artist, craftswoman and owner of Dusk Gallery & Store) will be joining us as a guest speaker for Crafty Business #3. Lenore’s been running a crafty business since long before it was fashionable and she has excellent insight into the art of pricing and selling your work and some very entertaining stories about her journey to becoming a successful crafty business owner.

Please bring along your creations for show and tell – we’d love to see your work!

Come and join us for a healthy dose of inspirational crafty company, business planning advice and a glass of wine at Churchills in Sydenham at 7pm on Monday 6 April.

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