Christmas gifts from the weird side…

We all know one (or perhaps we are one!): those loveable people who walk on the weird side, whose sense of humour is kinda off-beat and who seem to be just… living on a slightly different planet. There’s always someone quirky, geeky or oddball on your list who’s impossible to find a gift for, so we’ve compiled a list of left-field presents to help you find something perfect.


There are all sorts of characters out there. I mean, we all know someone with a combined love of Star Wars and My Little Pony, don’t we? Don’t we? Or is it just me…?



Unleash your will to be weird and take a wander though our Gifts with Quirk Factor page in the Felt Christmas Gift Guide. Don’t forget to nip on over to our Christmas Catalogue on Issuu too – it’s bursting with gorgeous handmade gifts for everyone.



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