Something for every Dad

Dads can be divided into more than a few species and, as anyone who has ever gone gift buying for one knows, there’s no “one size fits all” gift for a dad.

Ambassador Autumn 2012

So the intrepid team at Felt HQ decided that a little David Attenborough-like investigation was in order. Donning our best nature documentary blue shirts and beige trousers, we went on a mission to identify some of the major species of dads roaming New Zealand. Here are the species we spotted and what we used to lure them…

1. The designer dad

Hip and coffee-fuelled, this dad appreciates style.


2. The action dad

On the sports field, the beach or traversing the wilds, this father’s natural habitat is the great outdoors.


3. The head chef

He can cook up a storm – and the kitchen will probably look like it’s been hit by one afterwards!


4. The king of the castle

His home is his castle – house-proud and (hopefully) DIY-savvy, this dad appreciates manly home comforts.


5. The geek dad

He can keep up with his kids on the latest gaming app (well, almost) and can quote his sci-fi cult classics like a pro.


6. The social dad

This dad’s the master of the barbeque and can out-social-network Facebook.


7. The academic dad

This erudite species of dad enjoys a good book or two – or possibly a whole library.


Phew! It was a tough field assignment but we made it back to Felt HQ with enough time to still order for Father’s Day. We hope this helps with the identification, care and feeding of your Dad on Sunday 7 September. So go on, spoil him a little with something handmade and home grown – he’ll love you for it.


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