Brilliant blankets

The wool blanket. Stalwart bedding of generations, often relegated to the airing cupboard in favour of duvets and quilts these days. But not for much longer! Ingenious makers are discovering a hundred and one fantastic ways to repurpose the high quality, often 100% New Zealand grown and produced, fabric of the humble wool blanket and give it new, stylish and practical life.

We found so many marvellous examples of blanket upcycling here on Felt that we couldn’t possibly present them all to you in a blog post, so here’s a visual feast of some of our favourites.


From bunting and decor to birds on a wall…


…to toys and comfy chairs and cushions for all.


And covers! Did we mention covers? Blankets to cosset your coffee, insulate hotties and even cushion your tech.


And of course, snuggly clothes to keep everyone cozy all winter.

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3 Responses to “Brilliant blankets”

  1. Deborah sax says:

    Oooo thanks for featuring Piccalilli amongst your favourites – feeling chuffed :)

  2. Louisa Rull says:

    I like all the creativity behind these works. I am a big fan of re-purposing things and giving them a new life. Well done, FELT artisans!

  3. Jenny - "Pigeon" from PigeonCrafts says:

    Hey thanks for giving the PigeonCrafts popular “Jandles” cushions an airing! Cosy woollen Blanket Cushions & Hottie Covers are so lovely for winter! Right on trend too ;-) Congrats to all the other featured Crafters too – lovely to be associated with you! See you at the “Bayview Antiques, Collectables & Craft Market” on Saturday if you live in Napier :-)

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