Three ideas for weather-bound kids

Winter days can seem very looong when you and the kids are stuck inside in foul weather. We’ve got a few ideas to keep the wee ones – and their imaginations – busy.

1. Let’s pretend

Imaginative play has got to be a winner over television, so listen in and find out what the current favourite “pretends” are. A few props will delight and encourage them.



2. More mind games

Another way to keep those busy brains entertained is with a few games and puzzles. Here are some great ones to try:


3. Fun with friends

Let a pack of kids loose with a few chaos-enabling props and you’ll have mayhem – but hey, they’ll be entertained and they’ll work off some of that pent-up energy. Stand back and watch the fun!


Remember, winter won’t last forever. Good luck, stay sane and have fun!

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  1. Louisa Rull says:

    Lovely finds. The hand puppets remind me of my childhood.

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