Five indulgences for a winter’s night

With everything being rather chilly and dark outside at the moment, who’d say no to an indulgence or two (or five)? We’ve picked out some treats that have more than a little appeal for the winter evenings.

1. A snuggly blanket

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, when the storms are howling or the frost is settling outside. Especially if you can add…



2. A mug of something comforting

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, mulled wine – whatever your favourite hot drink, a mug of something good warms the fingers and the tum. Speaking of tums…



3. A sweet treat

is just what you need to comfort body and soul. Maybe you could share them as bribery for…


4. … a warming massage

Massage candles are a great way to avoid the shock of cold massage oil – the last thing you need in winter! Soy massage candles melt at a temperature that is safe and pleasant to apply directly. And once you’re completely relaxed, why not wrap up your indulgent winter evening with…


4. A cute hottie!

Take that however you like. :-)

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2 Responses to “Five indulgences for a winter’s night”

  1. Louisa Rull says:

    Lovely items – I cannot even say which one is the best, all good.

  2. MMMMMmmmmmm – so I can’t live without my country mug but what I wouldn’t do for some turkish delight YUM!

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