You’re my (super) hero

Got a favourite superhero? So have some of our clever Felt makers, it seems! Whether your heart’s been stolen by a dark avenger or a caped crusader, there’s a crafty way to show your allegiance on Felt.




Kids will love these superhero toys from Lucy and Drew and SnuggleB, or they could have their very own personalised superhero cape from Minka. If there’s a birthday coming up, how about a superhero themed party, with some fabulous customised invitations from Love Ideas?

And while we’re on the superhero subject the great folks at Diversity NZ have produced a fantastic book, My Best Friend is a Superhero, which is aimed at promoting disability understanding amongst kids and is illustrated by Felt seller Sam Orchard. Get your copy here!

Be a crafty superhero and save the world the handmade way. Make sure you’ve got your mask and cape to hand!



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