Winter is coming: are you prepared?

Well the weather’s been a real mixed bag of late – balmy sun one day, freezing rain the next – it’s jolly hard to know how to dress to meet the day at this time of year!

The only way to deal with it all, we reckon, is to layer up with those woolly accessories – gloves and mittens, scarves and shawls, and even some snuggly hats – to survive the chill and make it through to that next yearned-for bit of sun. And what better way to warm the heart as well as your fingers than to choose a lovely warm colour?

Here’s a sunshine-inspired selection we spotted while browsing today:






There’s plenty to choose from, ready-made by our clever wool-wranglers, so make sure you peruse our accessories and clothing sections to find the fruits of their winter preparation. And if you’re strong in the fibre arts yourself, make sure you don’t miss the beautiful array of yarns from our spinners and dyers too.


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  1. Louisa Rull says:

    What a lovely collection of warm and pretty things for ladies and kids. They can definitely brighten up everyone’s day.

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