Felt love in the air

I’ve been getting a few enthusiastic emails from fans of Felt lately (which really is the most awesome sort of email to get) so I thought I’d post some ideas here of how you can show your support for Felt and help spread the word.

Head on over to Made From New Zealand and give Felt some love. Each new fan gives Felt a little boost in the popularity rankings – every bit counts!

Facebook logo

Felt has its very own Facebook page – become a fan and introduce your friends to the coolness that is shopping handmade.

Got a Flickr stream? Join the Felt Flickr group and add some photos of your work.

Pick a Felt badge for your website or blog – don’t forget, if you sell on Felt, you can link the badge directly to your Felt shop.

Each of these actions sends more traffic to Felt, helping it to grow and develop and in turn, promote the amazing things that New Zealand’s many talented makers are producing. It’s so exciting to see it happen and I’m so grateful for your support.

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  1. Neuseeland says:

    Good day,

    At this time I was collecting new stuff for an article on Christchurch for our German travel guide to New Zealand when I was sent by Yahoo to your page. Actually, I didn’t find exactly what I expected. But, your article has given me inspiration for another article. Insofar: Thanks.

    Kind regards,

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