A craft fair in a box for wool lovers…


Crafty fingers around the country are poised over the mouse this weekend as they await the much anticipated launch of limited edition Blendy’s NZ Yarn Sampler Boxes. A treasure trove of goodies for knitters and crafters, the sampler boxes are co-ordinated by Auckland crafter Belinda Hope-Too (also known as Blendy) and contain around 15 artisan yarns, patterns, accessories and other knitting-related items in sample quantities.

Like having a mini craft fair in your living room, you get a little bit of everything that knitters would enjoy, such as yarn, fibre, stitch markers, buttons and embellishments made by fantastic New Zealand makers, including Sabine of Curiouser & Curiouser (whose amazing Firefly yarn is pictured above), Songbird Designs, DKNZ and of course Blendy, with a few delectable international samples thrown in too.

The boxes go on sale on Felt on Saturday. You can sign up here to receive email notifications when they become available. Get in quick, they won’t last long!

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  1. Amy says:

    that is such an awesome idea! makes me feel all snuggly and cozy inside from just reading it. What a suitable country to think of something like this!

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