We’re sorry for being absent!

Monday mornings are hard enough without your favourite website disappearing! Unfortunately our week got off to a rough start with Felt’s host server crashing early on Monday morning, leaving us offline for several hours and causing a bit of a go-slow on Felt when we did get it back. I know it’s really been frustrating for many of you, and I’m very sorry for any excess stress it has caused.

On a brighter note, we have spent the last few weeks preparing to move to a shiny new host server, which we hope will happen later this week, giving Felt an energy boost and paving the way for exciting things later in the year. There will be a small amount of scheduled downtime when we flick the switch to the new server – we’ll let you know when as soon as we confirm the time and date.

We’re really grateful for your support and patience today (and let’s face it, you’re pretty awesome every day). Thank you so much – when we’re dealing with frustrating issues like this, it’s a great motivation for us to know that Felt is loved!

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  1. Deborah sax says:

    No worries guys. Luckily for all of us makers Felt is still run by humans and we err that’s what we do! You do an awesome job, ever supportive so hope you didn’t receive too much of an ear bashing! Thanks for the update and look forward to a shinier future

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