The new year is here!

From year to year, my New Year’s resolutions almost always include something about being more organised – I aspire against the odds to be the sort of person who always knows what day it is, remembers every birthday and never double-books. With that in mind, I’ve been scoping out what Felt sellers have to offer for such chronologically challenged people as myself.

If you’re a frequent visitor on Felt, you will no doubt be familiar with the lovely work of Sweet William. Now 12 gorgeous illustrations by Paula Mills (one half of the creative talent that comprises Sweet William) are compiled into a beautiful limited edition 2010 calendar (pictured above).

Also available in calendar form for the new year is the work of the talented Erin Carver, with 12 prints of Erin’s original mixed media paintings from her Beautiful Words series presented in a jewel CD case as a desktop calendar. Boocraft has three different calendars currently on sale featuring illustrated critters (both real and imaginary) and birds of New Zealand, and Hotchpotch & Gruelboy has the perfect accompaniment to 2010 for owl enthusiasts – a parliament of owls! (Now there’s a collective noun you don’t get to use often.)

bakadesign has these gorgeous customised 2010 diaries available in 10 different colours – you can choose your favourite colour and have your name inscribed. If it’s a gift, you can even customise the belly band with your own message for the recipient! And last but not least, Eyecatchers has several calendars listed including The Nostalgic South Island 2010 Calendar, featuring a selection of fine-line pen and ink drawings of character houses and sights around the South Island.

4 Responses to “The new year is here!”

  1. Meg says:

    wow, these are beautiful. I love your blog by the way, I will have to keep an eye out for things on my wishlist. :)

  2. Amy says:

    only just discovered Felt- it’s a great site, love all the talents displayed!

  3. what a lovely collection! Thanks for the feature.

  4. [...] In other wee bits of goodness, my calendar was featured this week on Felt’s blog! I was so excited to have been included amongst all these other treats for the new year – below is a wee snippet and you can check out the full post here. [...]

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