A little bird with a huge fan following…

1 Felt Fantail Embellishment by Fix Design | 2 Piwakawaka (Fantail) Copper Brooch
by HKerrigan
| 3 Fabric Drum Shade by MyDesign | 4 Fantail wall clock by Laserline
5 “F is for Fantail” Long-sleeved Onesie by Miss Ellie May | 6 Fantail Brooch by
| 7 Black fantail brooch by Black Swan Designs | 8 Fantail Card by Furchin
9 Fly Little Fantail: Victorian Rose Wall Decal by Bam Bam Creative

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  1. oohhhhhhh – very yummy – i bought one of furchin’s beautiful printed cards for a gift, but it’s so cute, i havent had the heart to part with it!

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