Keeping sane on the road (trip)

Summer is here and we’re off to the beach, the bach, the camping ground, Grandma’s… You name it, lots of us will be on the road to somewhere. Long hours on the road can be their own special kind of hell delight with wee ones in the back (“Are we theeerrre yet?”), so we’ve come up with a few boredom busters to alleviate the stress.

For the really little ones, how about one of these gorgeous hanging rattle-owls from Lina Bears? Bright, engaging and super cute!

Distraction for toddlers and preschoolers is at hand with I-spy beanbags from Two Magpies and travel felt boards from Tinkers.

And how about some books and games for the reading age kids? Check out the colourful Kiwi Critters books from Lighthouse Media and the Great New Zealand Memory Game for hours of entertainment.

Safe travels! May your road trips be stress-free and full of fun.

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  1. Louisa Rull says:

    Wonderful ideas and great designs. They will be very popular with parents for sure!

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