Wrapping outside the square

There’s more than one way to wrap a gift. We’ve collected a fair few ideas for the perfect wrapping paper, cards and tags on the Felt Christmas Gift Guide, and on our Pinterest boards, but there’s a few other interesting ways to package up that present we’ve come across on Felt.

We’re particularly taken with this textile wrapping from Toodles Noodles – you could put this gorgeous fabric to good reuse in all sorts of ways after Christmas day.

There are heaps of other lovely textiles and fabric products you could press into wrapping service on Felt – tea towels, handkerchiefs, scarves, or even pillowcases, to name but a few. Isn’t it a great idea to make the wrapping another part of the gift?

Baskets, bags and kete are another way to present goodies in a way that adds to your gift. What about presenting a hamper in one of these lovely handcrafted containers?

However you give your gifts, make sure it’s looking great with a fabulous wrapper. It only makes the surprise inside all the nicer!

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