Sean Plunket gets his craft on

Ana Samway reports in Sideswipe in the NZ Herald this morning that co-host of Radio NZ’s Morning Report, Sean Plunket, has started a blog called Sean Makes Crafts after his employers denied him the opportunity to write a column in Metro magazine.

“I’m not one to let the bastards keep me down. Hence this blog. Now that I have so much time in the day – after all, I do finish work at 9am … I’ve found that there’s nothing better to fill the day with than using my hands to create something.”

Accompanied by a sprinkling of social commentary (“She always pretends to be surprised that a “strapping lad” like myself would be interested in crafts. I tell her “Bev, it’s the 21st century. Gender roles are so 1970s”.”), dried pasta features prominently in the projects Sean has posted so far.


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