Fresh on Felt

Seeking gorgeous gifts? Look no further! There’s something for everyone this week, from little explorers to silver foxes.

designer decor

angelrose07 – rimu decor and household items
emilies – dramatic paintings: landscapes and studies
growinghope – assembled and upcycled artifacts for a cause
ballantyneb – hauntingly beautiful paintings and painted tiles
deadlyart – cool concrete skulls, upcycling and paintings

children’s clothing and toys

sarmsmats – bright and practical baby play mats
just_trendy – gorgeously detailed handmade toys and everlasting bridal bouquets
weehands – bright and interactive toys for babies
nthcantknits – beautiful baby clothes in merino
bitsnbobbins – window bags: functional storage for kids


clothing, jewellery and accessories

victoriajane – stunning silver jewellery inspired by the natural world
tuitotes – gorgeous fabric tote bags and a range of other products
flutterkat – quirky and colourful cushion covers and purses

gifts and goodies

marykeharvey – natural soy candles from the Canterbury Candle Co
ifeelnatty – hand-drawn cards and tea towels with a vintage, quirky inspiration
jotito – unique hand-painted stones
weddingshop – smart customised printable wedding invitations and signs
luv2scrap – stunning 3D Christmas book art
peppermint – luxury Christmas stockings


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