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Moving, I have (re)discovered, is a big upheaval. Especially when you haven’t moved for seven years, and things have had a chance to “build up” a bit. Long gone are my student days of being able to fling my entire life possessions in the boot of a car in order to change digs!

Being a Christchurch denizen, my turn has arrived to have my EQC house repairs done. My partner and I have been tackling the task of putting our lives in boxes for the next couple of months while we gratefully deliver our battered little house into the hands of our repair crew. It got me thinking about stuff, and storage of stuff, and sorting of stuff… and how best to keep and access those things I need for craft projects, work, play and everyday life.

So, I went for a wander on Felt. What cunning storage solutions could I find from amongst the Felt talent? It turns out, quite a lot. I’m quite taken with these Happy Buckets by Empire – practical, space-efficient and attractive – and I like the idea of happy storage!


This is just a taste of what else our sellers can do for your storage needs: we can do baskets and bags…


…cubbyholes and chests…


…and some very stylish shelving.


A storage-y something for everyone! There’re no excuses now – organise your stash!

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  1. Louisa Rull says:

    Good luck with your moving. Thank you for all your hard work.

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