Knitting for Blokes, with Mike Dickison

Christchurch men, your chance to master knitting is here! Man knitter, ukulele player and bird expert, the deftly dexterous Mike Dickison is in town and running knitting classes just for guys at The Make Café in Riccarton.

Blokes with a yen for yarn are welcome to head along for one or more sessions — if you sign up for three, you get a starter kit with yarn needles, needle gauge, and other goodies. You’ll learn to knit a dishcloth, hats, scarves, an iPhone sock, and the secret of making cable needles out of No. 8 wire.

Alumni will be entitled to join the League of Knitting Gentlemen on Ravelry. Knitting for Blokes is on Thursday 3 and 10 October, so get your socks on! For more information check out Mike’s blog.

Image by Tash Barneveld.

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  1. Rick Swan says:

    Hello, Mike,

    My mother showed my brother and me how to knit when I was just 9. We were poor, and I knitted my own woollen slippers, which I unashamedly wore to my primary school, where the bare floorboards were cold in Winter.

    From time to time I harvest Possum fur by trapping Possums and killing them swiftly and mercifully before plucking them. This protects the avian wildlife and a little pocket money can be made at times as well via . The hollow Possum fibre is blended with Merino wool, to make Perino, which is a super-warm wool. May I suggest that you might also like to introduce Perino to your knitting classes ? The avian wildlife will also be grateful.

    Kind regards, Rick Swan

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