It’s starting to feel like barbeque season

In between the more rambunctious bouts of spring weather, we’re starting to see a glimpse or two of balmier days and sunlit, lazy evenings – which makes my (possibly somewhat optimistic) thoughts recall the sizzle of the barbeque and relaxed dining on the deck.

(Actually, who am I kidding? I never have a relaxed evening on the deck. I can’t resist popping over to the nearest bit of garden, just to pull out those couple of weeds I’ve spotted, and then before I know it I’m up to my knees in the vege patch in my best clothes. Anyway…)

For those who can resist the urge to play in the dirt, the barbeque is definitely looking increasingly tempting. We had a browse around for a few goodies to make your outdoor dining super stylish. Enjoy!


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