Loving the bling

Gold is very ‘in’ right now. Gold iPhones, gold-blinged cars, gold on the catwalk… but gold has long held an illustrious place in the world of crafting. The Goldsmiths are one of the oldest guilds of makers, and gold has been used for centuries to adorn clothing, accessories, paper, leather, royal personages… you name it, it has probably been gilded at some point!

We love this new golden limited edition print from Bron Alexander (which incidentally is raising money for her daughter’s trip to Italy – what a great Mum you are, Bron!) – it puts a shine on some great Kiwi music, and Kiwi spirit.

You can get a little bit of bling into all sorts of bits of your life though, if you take a stroll through the Felt marketplace…


Add a little sparkle to your life or brighten up a friend’s day with a glittering gift from Felt.

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