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Artist and crafter Katrina Perano resides on Banks Peninsula with a menagerie of creatures, both real and imaginary. Her quirky characters appear in ink as gorgeous illustrations and in three dimensions as needle-felted creations.


What do you make?
Pretty much anything I can get my little hands on. But at the moment I’m really getting into
my lino prints.

Your favorite materials, tools and processes?
Yummy acid-free papers, lino, carving tools, my press, ink, quality acrylics. Most of all
I love pens and graphite.

What inspires you?
I adore line, comic & tattoo illustration, Japanese prints, Carl Larson, Arts and Craft movement, old packaging and old books.

Is there a philosophy behind your work?
Yes I believe greatly that beautifully designed art and craft should be available to all, and everywhere throughout the home, but not at the expense of the artist or crafts-person. Illustration (in all it’s forms) is one way of achieving this.

grow-ink.felt.co.nz grow-ink.felt.co.nz grow-ink.felt.co.nz

Describe your workspace:
I love my workspace especially when the sun pours in, I could live continuously. Lots going on with heaps of resources and visual stimuli.

Five words that describe your mind: Problem solving, creative orientated, eclectic.

What are you currently listening to?
Loreena McKinnett, P.O.D, U2, Muse, Jet, Fleetwood Mac’s Sarah, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, 1970′s Heart, Audioslave, Rockinrolla soundtrack, Gypsy Kings and a smattering of Motorhead and Blondie.

Recommend an album:
Gypsy Kings Mosaique (great for cooking and dinner parties too).

Your favourite childhood books? Titirangi Mouse, The Lion in the Meadow, Olga da Polga and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

What are you reading now?
The Otter’s Tale by Gavin Maxwell (published in 1962) and Etheldreda by Moyra Caldelott.

Your hero/heroine: Aslan

A favourite quote: “Better than a poke in the eye with a wet fish!”


Do you have any pets? You betcha. Well actually they got me and decided to move in, like the peahens. I’ve just added to the menagerie with some strapping little boar piggies (of the Guinea variety). All of the feathered and furry folk inspire and entertain me regularly.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Firey – orange/red

Visit Katrina’s Felt shop, grow-ink, to see more of her prints and wee critters.

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  1. rob says:

    cracking good work Katrina we hope to see a lot more of you in the future.I’m thrilled to see a butterfly picture amongst your stuff and really love Mr Otter. Chrissie the horse

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