Crafty Business #8, Monday 2 Nov, Christchurch

With the Christmas season upon us, entrepeneurial crafters will be working extra hard fulfilling orders and getting ready for markets and other obligations so for November’s Crafty Business, we wanted to provide a fun, inspiring session that will leave you feeling energized and ready for more when you need it most.

This month’s session will focus on how to be at your most productive and efficient over the Christmas period, how to stay motivated and decrease stress levels and what to do in January after the rush is over (other than have a few glasses of wine!).

Our guest speaker, Kyle, works with executives within large organisations and yet runs his own solo business from home (like many of us), which gives him a unique perspective on the challenges both large and small. Hear how you can apply what successful executives do to your crafty business.

Crafty Business is free to attend and anybody is welcome to come along. Join us at Churchills, 441 Colombo Street in Sydenham from 7pm on Monday 2 November.

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