Happy feet

Happy feet, I’ve got those happy feet
Give them a low down beat
And they begin dancing

I’ve got those ten little tapping toes
And when they hear a tune
I can’t control my dancing heels
To save my soul

Weary blues can’t get into my shoes
Because my shoes refuse to ever grow weary
I keep cheerful on an earful of music sweet
‘Cause I’ve got hap-hap-happy feet!


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2 Responses to “Happy feet”

  1. Louisa Rull says:

    Thank you very much for including a picture of some of my felted slippers.
    Making felted wearable things is a hard work, but that worth it – the result is warm, light, pretty and eco-friendly. There is a comment my customer sent to me 2 days ago:
    “Thank you so much:)my slippers are lovely and warm…i want to dance in them!!i can tell they were made with love regards carolyn”.

    I am only a new seller on FELT, but already feel very welcome and attract a lot of attention from the whole FELT community.
    Thanks again, and welcome to my shop,
    Louisa @ FeltSoapGood

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