Measuring up

When I was a youngster both my brother and I had gorgeous growth charts on which our heights were (ir)regularly measured and duly recorded. That being in the 1970s, our charts were printed on a homely linen and featured folksy animals in memorable 70s colours.

Recently my mother found my brother’s one (I’m not sure where mine’s got to) and I had a laugh looking at my now 6ft brother’s youthful milestones, as well as recalling details about our childhood rooms and treasures that I’d long forgotten about.

It made me realise that a growth chart is a really lovely aide-mémoire of childhood days, both for parents and their grown-up kids – and I was rather glad our progress was recorded on these rather than with the traditional pencil marks on the back of the kitchen door! (After all, you can’t really roll up and keep that door, can you?)

Wondering if the growth chart was still a childhood mainstay, I took a wander through Felt’s babies’ and kids’ decor section and found some gorgeous examples, in quite different and appealing styles.

Whichever you choose for your little ones, they’re bound to treasure these handcrafted, artistic pieces. Best get started before they grow too tall!

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