Fresh on Felt

Guess what jumped out at me this week? We really can’t go past a bunny (or several) here at Felt HQ. There’s plenty of lovely stuff for everyone this week though, whatever your obsessions!

janetteb – polymer clay jewellery and buttons
missbeencrafty – knitted garments
dragonboat – colourful women’s and children’s clothing
rabbitshop – merino clothing for young ones
bdrmart4kids – cheerful original art for children’s rooms
janh – warm knitted jumpers for babies and toddlers
petite_kiwi – gorgeous original geometric animal prints
scgbrent – multicoloured crochet bags
cleangreen – organic eco-friendly skincare and healing products
annieamelia – handcrafted girls’ clothing and accessories
costumecrazy – imaginative costumes for children
mmosquito – drawing, painting, digital art and soft sculpture
littlemoons – beautiful and functional headwear
twistedyarns – handspun yarn and garments
studholme – cabinetmaker with a retro spin
tinaquillio – playing card decor
ksmdesigns – colourful polymer jewellery and accessories
tidbits – quirky toys, cards, accessories and decor
miskydot – bright and cheerful crochet pencil holder covers
jorb – designer interior LED strip lighting
swankyjoe – gorgeous gift and greeting cards
daniajane1 – MDF wall lettering and decor items
aspankofzanz – unique embroidered collectable characters
htcreations – pretty glass dome jewellery


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