Featured Seller: Supervery

Well known in the New Zealand craft community as the organiser of Craft2.0, Sue Tyler is also the creative energy behind the funky designs of  Supervery. A self-confessed glitter addict, Sue’s sparkling personality has also been seen crafting up a storm on TVNZ’s Good Morning and gracing the pages of World Sweet World magazine.

What do you make?
At the moment my main focus is laser cut jewellery – I get creative on my computer and then each item is precision cut here in Wellington. However I just love playing around with anything. I have boxes and boxes of beads, buttons and fabric so whenever I’m feeling a creative impulse I can just act on it. Right now I’m experimenting with vintage fabrics.

The Autumn Tree - In Rimu

Your favourite materials, tools and processes?
My iMac & my camera rate – I can’t decide between them so it has to be both. I would be unable to design without  my Mac, and then half the fun of making things is taking photos of my creations and sharing with the world.

And materials – well I have a thing for glitter, I just think there is not enough glitter in the world. So whenever I get a chance I love to add glitter to things. And okay sure, it’s messy, but there is something uniquely fun about glitter that just makes me smile.

I’m actually a bit of a glitter snob – often the glitter we get in NZ has a very dark black base and it’s very chunky so instead of things being bright and shiny they often have almost a dull texture to them. The current range I’m using has a light base and the colour range is really subtle so the effects are something even non lovers of glitter would enjoy.

The Spring Tree - In Jet Black i see you bird pendant in rimu Jet Black unicorn

What inspires you?
Movies, old photographs, books, the zoo, my cat, holidays, my back yard. You name it and I’ll pick up some inspiration somewhere.

For example part of the inspiration for my new range of trees comes from just sitting in my lounge and looking out on my back yard. I have an entire hill of trees behind me and all of them change with the seasons, I love the look of trees when all their leaves are blown away (in Wellington leaves don’t fall off the trees, they just disappear overnight after a furious southerly has passed by) but in spring when the leaves start popping back up, it’s just exciting to see them again.

Five words that describe your mind: Cluttered, random, excited, Umami, sleepy.

Is there a philosophy behind your work?
Affordable is one part of it. But also I just make things that I like, that I would love to wear, so I believe in everything I sell.

Le petit Chat Noir Pendant - AKA tiny Cat Swift As Bird- In arctic ice The Twisted Tree- In Jet Black

Describe your workspace:
I have two workspaces: where I do all my designing and writing is at my computer, which is right next to a window seat in my dining room. I can spread out my drawing and notes all along the window seat while I work, so that’s great for a messy person like me.

When it comes to making I also like to have a lot of space around me so I set up camp in my lounge. I often like to watch movies or listen to music while I make things, plus it gets full sun all day so it’s a great room to live in.

What are you currently listening to? Madonna and Massive Attack – I want you.

Assuming time, materials and cost are no object and you were given the opportunity to make anything you wanted, what would you make?
Shoes. It might sound a little crazy but I just love watching all the amazing and crazy shoes that come down the catwalks, especially in Paris and it seems to me that these days the one area of fashion where there are no limits and no boundaries is shoe making.

Your hero/heroine:
Doctor Who – ideally the David Tennant Doctor Who. If not him then it has to be Hans Solo for the win.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
I think I might not even be a crayon, but more likely to be one of those smudgy pastels that kind of makes a mess but looks fabulous while doing so.

Your favourite childhood book?
It’s a toss up between The House at Pooh Corner and Mary Plain (which is about a bear called Mary who lives in Berne).

What are you reading now? The latest issue of Vanity Fair.

A favourite quote: “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong” – Benjamin Franklin

Check out more of Sue’s designs in her Felt shop, Supervery, and head along to Craft2.0 on Saturday 24 October at TheNewDowse in Lower Hutt.

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