Fresh on Felt

So many striking things to choose from this week! Strong design, in all sorts of media, is a real theme of this week’s offerings.

I couldn’t resist this black and white trio, but there’s loads of colour too in this week’s fresh Felt shops.

evalentine – prints of original and highly detailed drawings
yourstruly – colourful quilts and crochet blankets
patchworkaly – more colourful quilts, cushions and home decor
petkitchen – low-allergy vegetarian treats for dogs and cats
colourmekids – hand-stencilled cushions for kids
buntinga – bunting, of course!
tikikiwi – bright resin tiki
kmcdesigns – restored and reinvented furniture
mumma – children’s wear and accessories
rebeccasj – crochet creations
lunacat – screen printed t-shirts
imadethat – layered and pieced-work original clothing
swordfish – screen-printed t-shirts and handpainted cloth
vintageart – restyled art pieces and furniture
grosi – creative bottle-cap jewellery
paperpop – custom invitations and DIY printables
design – Upstream Design jewellery
veritymackin – photographic prints on fine archival paper
kmdjewellery – beaded and crystal jewellery
gwishylove – baby wraps for in the car
jjdesign – jewellery from northland


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