I’m counting the beat

We’re very excited by the arrival of a new musical seller here on Felt, in the person of Phill Jones and his Tukituki Cajón Drums.

Phill tells us “The Cajón (pronounced: kah-Hon) is the name used for a box-shaped instrument which uses a wooden resonance body and a one or more thinner wooden striking surfaces. Where conventional modern drum-kits, djembes, and many other drums use animal or synthetic skins, the Cajón playing surface is a thin, strong piece of wood, typically made of several layered pieces of timber (plywood).”

The variation in tone which such an instrument can produce is remarkable. Deep punchy bass, resonant boomy hollow sounds, tight snappy or loose rattley buzzing snare sounds, cracking wood-on-wood, and bongo-style highs and lows. Check out this video by Tukituki for an idea of what Phill’s drums can do.

Groove Box from Tukituki Instruments from Tukituki Instruments on Vimeo.

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