Crafty Business, 7pm Monday 5 October, Christchurch

It’s Crafty Business time again! Our topic this month is The Money Stuff, and we’re very happy to have Prue McStay joining us to share her knowledge of the financial side of running a small business.

As well as a run through the basics of good accounting practice for your business, you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions, so make the most of this opportunity to pick Prue’s brains! If you’ve got a burning question on your mind already, post it as a comment below and we’ll make sure we cover it on Monday.

So it’s (crafty) business as usual for October – same Bat time, same Bat channel: 7pm, Monday 5 October at Churchills Public House, 441 Colombo Street in Sydenham. Remember to bring along a sample of your latest work and invite a friend or two to come along too. If you haven’t been to Crafty Business before, come along and join us for a drink. Look forward to seeing you there!

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