Roses for Frida

Unconventionally, defiantly beautiful, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was known for her flamboyant style, passionate and painful life and her surreal, often sinister self-portraits which are full of references to her Mexican culture. She is still celebrated in exhibitions and retrospectives around the world.

Her beautiful clothes, so much a part of her very individual style, were kept locked away for many years after her death, first at the behest of her husband Diego Rivera and later by an old friend, Dolores Olmedo, who kept them guarded and private until her own death in 2004.

Seen as the fashion time capsule of an icon, this collection is now on show – if you’re lucky enough to be able to visit Mexico City.

Her inspiration reaches much further, however, and we were intrigued to see just how many of our own talented Felt sellers draw inspiration from Frida or from Mexican culture. As you can see, we’ve found a colourful collection of examples.


We also loved the captivating, eerie range of Dia de los Muertos-inspired creations we found. The sugar skulls of this Mexican day of remembrance for lost loved ones have inspired more than a few of our makers.


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  1. Frida had quite the amazing wardrobe -thanks for sharing the link Felt.

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