Still catching the rays

We’ve been painting the house while the Autumn weather holds. Actually, we’ve been replacing rotten weatherboards, scraping, sanding and otherwise picking-at the house. It still feels like we’re a long way from actually painting, but that’s beside the point. The point is it’s hot. Damn hot.

It may be Autumn, and storms may be looming before the end of the week according to Metservice, but by golly I’m in need of my sunhat – and by the time we’re done with this malarky I’m going to be in need of a new sunhat. My current one is becoming the victim of paint chips and splots, wayward electric sanders and more sweat than you really want to know about.

I’ve got my eye on a few already, but the problem is going to be narrowing down my choice. It could be this one, from Lynsey Champion Hats. Good for tea in the garden or a day at the races, I reckon, though I can’t say I look nearly as elegant leaning against the weatherboards!

I’m also quite enamoured of this cheerful little number from Hats by Hilary. It looks cool, shady (shady in a good way, that is) and comfortable.

Or maybe I could go all funky with a fedora, for something completely different! Avoir‘s fedoras on Felt are unique and dashing, and I’m quite tickled by this one with a tiger tattoo.

There are plenty of hats for kids fluttering about on Felt too – I love this bloomin’ sunflower hat from Smallmoose, and there are many more bright and cheerful children’s chapeaux to choose from.


Anyway, enjoy the sun while it still shines – and don’t forget your hat!

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