Easter unwrapped

Chocolate is nice…. chocolate is very nice. I’m sure all of us, except the certifiably insane, would agree.

Easter and chocolate are pretty entwined in the modern psyche. However, I must admit to feeling a little over Easter before it has even hit this year, and I know what’s doing it. It’s all those foil-wrapped goodies, lining up in their thousands in the big box retailers all over the country, garishly shouting “Buy me! I’m the biggest/sweetest/shiniest ever!”

If, like me, you’re starting to think you’d like an Easter that’s more about celebration than scoffing (not that I’m saying a bit of chocolate doesn’t have its place, mind you) and more about handmade beauty than mass-produced glitz, you might want to take a look at what we’ve found in the Felt Easter egg hunt…

Paisley Easter eggs by Peppery

Beautiful, original, handmade and local. We really couldn’t have hoped for nicer treasures. These exquisite decorative eggs from Peppery, and sweet little Easter magnets for hiding wee notes from Tinch are just some of the ways Felt can bring your Easter new life.

Special edition Easter Egg magnets by Tinch Design Studio

… and of course we found some bunnies too. You know we can’t resist them.


Try your own Easter hunt on Felt – we know you’ll love what you discover.

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