Valentine’s Day is coming. What are you getting for your guy?

Guys. Always a problem when it comes to gifts. Especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Finding that perfect guy-friendly gift that still has a romantic message is a tricky task at best. How do you say “I love you, warts (farts?) and all,” without pushing his too-much-schmultz buttons?

Folks, we have the answer. Handmade help is at hand. We reckon crafting it up with the Felt Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is the way to maximise masculine Valentine’s value this year. Just take a look at this lot…


I mean, really – nothing says “I love you,” like a DIY deer. Doesn’t it?

We can accessorise your guy with swanky scarves, natty hats, brogued belts and man-kerchiefs. We can even accessorise his tech – and what guy doesn’t appreciate that?


We’ll feed the man-child, outfit the man-cave and keep those man-toes cozy and warm – thus also warming the cockles of his heart.


Awwwww. Happy Valentine’s Day, guys.

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